S.S. Education Centre

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Sai Baba

About Us

We are among the pioneers in providing professional and structred school education. Our endeavor and commitment in upholding the core values of our culturally-enriched heritage across each of our branches has helped us in creating a niche for ourselves in a very competitive School education market.In a very short tenure of existence,we have established a three School of smooth functioning 3+ branches and this is ample proof of our continuing success and our assurance towards spreading quality preschool education stands unquestioned. Students enrolled with S.S. Education Centre benefit from he use of a vastly-researched curriculum, world - class infrastructure and a teaching methodology that is at per with national standards.

Our Philosophy

We honestly adhere to the belief that early childhood should be a period for the child to indulge in the the maximum number of receational and pleasurable activities.However, in today's extermely competitive scenario these very precious years too need gudiance in terms of letting the child develop a perception towards learning/reasoning and inculcate basic behavioral skills. We provide a constructive and organized learning/reasoning and inculcate basic behavioural skills.

We provide a constructive and organized learning evironment where the child is introduced to indispensable learning methods such as self exploration and realization. We , at S.S Education Centre , constanly strive to further nurture these fudamental characteristics in our stuents through 'playful learning'


S.S EDCUCATION CENTRE is dedicated in esuring that the child is provided an enviroment that is most conuctive to catayze the child's physical,cerebral emostion and social development.The experienced and social development.The experienced and social development. The experiend and qualified educators at S.S. EDUCATION CENTRE make sure that a child is provided a vast range of planned and professionally chosen,yet fun filled activites, that help him learn through a constant process of self exploration.

S.S Education Centre aims to provide the experiences for physical, intelliectual,aesthemetic,emotional, spritual and social development of the child through creative and modren education in an attractive and caring envirment.