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S.S.Education Centre launches Some distance learning courses affiliated to Dr. C.V. Raman University.

UG, PG and Select Diploma Programmes

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Faculty of Science

Diploma And Certificate Programs - Through AISECT-NSDC Academy For Skill Development

Academy For Information Technology & Management

Academy For Hardware And Networking

Academy For Livelihood And Vocational Training

Academy For Banking, Financial Services And Insurance

Programs in Banking Segment

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Short Term Courses

Faculty of Science

S.No. Program Name Program Code
1 Master of Science(Physics) - I Year MSCPHY-I
2 Master of Science (Physics) - II Year MSCPHY-II
3 Master of Science(Chemistry) - I Year MSCCHEM-I
4 Master of Science(Chemistry) - IIYear MSCCHEM-II
5 Master of Science(Maths) - I Year MSCMATHS-I
6 Master of Science (Maths) - II Year MSCMATHS-II
7 Bachelor of Science(Maths)-I Year BSCMATHS-I
8 Bachelor of Science(Maths)-II Year BSCMATHS-II
9 Bachelor of Science(Maths)-III Year BSCMATHS-III BSCMATHS-III
10 Bachelor of Science(Bio)-IYear BSCBIO-I
11 Bachelor of Science(Bio)-II Year BSCBIO-II
12 Bachelor of Science(Bio)-III Year BSCBIO-III