S.S. Education Centre

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Sai Baba

Admission Process

The School Academic Session starts in the first week of April every year and ends on march 31st of the subsequent yaer. Information on midyear vacancies may be obtained by visiting the school admission coordinator. however it is best to apply early.As proposed by the school administration the age at the time of adminission should ordinarily be.

  • Play Group - 3 Year
  • Nursery - 4 Year
  • K.G. - 5 Year
  • 1st Class - 6 Year
  • 2nd Class - 7 Year
  • 3rd Class - 8 Year
  • 4th Class - 9 Year
  • 5th Class - 10 Year
  • 6th Class - 11 Year
  • 7th Class - 12 Year